When a day delivers insight and inspiration – You show gratitude!

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Living in bustling Portland, Oregon, I never get bored and have many opportunities as a business owner. Every month, I attend a Portland-based Vistage all day meeting. It’s an executive leadership program that allows leaders to come together and get exposed to many insightful topics and speakers who work with some of the top companies around the world.

With Vistage, I have become more open minded and placed back in the seat of a business student, per say. It’s eye-opening and daunting the amount of wisdom that is continuously bestowed, and I’m humbled by the Vistage business iconoclasts. We see ourselves in them and want to emulate what they do to reach unparalleled success. For me, it comes down to the value of my business and how that translates to my happiness and success. I wanted to share with you my top two nuggets of wisdom I learned while taking a front seat at the Vistage this week.

1. Every outcome is in your control

This week, Our speaker was Dr. Eve Grodnitzky a psychologist by training and an author, executive educator and has over 1,000 speaking engagements under her belt.

Her talk was about Mindset. First, she defined Mindset as being on a spectrum of:

  • Beliefs
  • Behaviors
  • Outcomes

Our beliefs can shape our perceptions. In our everyday world, our understanding can shape our reality and leads to specific behaviors. In business, we call this results. The overall spectrum of beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes, when applied to our business ventures, is how our thoughts translate to a plan, and then implemented in the real world. We’re assessed by the outcomes of these efforts.

As a business owner, leader, and CEO, I do everything I can to build a company and opportunities for others. My belief is to have the ideal leadership and revenue processes which will lead to specific results. Like, bringing talent, skills and expertise together to honor a vision, serve a mission, and solve prolific businesses revenue issues. The outcome is a victorious team with a Mindset that can move mountains.

2. Growth is in the eye of the beholder

Dr. Eve Grodnitzky wasn’t shy about getting to the heart of the real issues in people’s lives and business: as descried as a Fixed Mindset versus a Growth Mindset. A Fixed Mindset has an overarching theme of fear and avoidance. A Growth Mindset is centered on how well we respond to a setback and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. You can fall into one or the other and maybe some days you feel like you have a toe in both. These are not meant to be strike indicators of how you approach or succeed in business, but a general application for how we all can embrace a Growth Mindset.

Here are the key indicators for a GROWTH MINDSET:

  • Desire to learn
  • Love challenges
  • Keep trying
  • Embrace effort
  • Leverage feedback
  • Inspired by others

While a FIXED MINDSET is the belief that intelligence and skills are inherent traits; you either have them, or you don’t, these are the key characteristics:

  • Desire to look smart
  • Avoid challenges
  • Give up easily
  • Disdain effort
  • Fear feedback
  • Resent others

More often than not, those with a Fixed Mindset will not get nearly go as far as someone with a Growth Mindset. That’s because a Fixed Mindset is exactly what the name implies, a rigidity to change which can be bad for business. The Fixed Mindset is much more prolific in our business and lives. A Growth Mindset is less common, but ultimately people who have a Growth Mindset are more successful, happier, and have a deeper sense of fulfillment.

In Closing

In business, I have fallen into a Fixed Mindset from time to time. It’s usually an outcome of being stretched too thin and not crossing my finish line when I think I should. Overall, though, I’m in the Growth Mindset category. As a leader, it’s critical to the success of your business and team to be in a Growth Mindset. As the old proverb goes, “When a shark stops swimming, it dies.” Ok. A little dramatic, but it does portray the key-takeaway that I think I will print on t-shirts, give to my team, and maybe all of my clients. “There’s always a better way to be if you choose to explore, learn and listen.” One of my favorite quotes is a perfect ending to my day at the monthly Vistage meeting. “Let’s fail our way all the way to success – Together!”

Do you think you have a Fixed or Growth Mindset? Does your company have the same as you? Share your stores with us in the comments below. For more Dr. Eve Grodnitzky, you can find all of her research in her new book CLICK – The Art + Science of getting from Impasse to Insight.