A Day in the Life – an Intern and a Startup

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What an opportunity for both of us – this summer we were lucky to be one of five companies working with intern Lexi Goebel, a bright young woman going into her Junior year at Wheaton College. The word “intern” conjures up images of menial data entry tasks and coffee runs, but nothing could be further from the truth in this case, not at a year-old startup consulting firm.

The following Q&A with intern Lexi and our staff showcases a day (or summer as the case may be) in the life of an intern at a startup.

Overall, what type of projects did you work on?

Lexi: I did a lot of research at Intersekt. Over the course of 14 weeks, I researched local digital marketing events, online meeting software, file hosting software, and the social media sites and websites of competitors. Researching these topics gave me insight into the advantages and disadvantages of certain software packages. It also helped me learn what other companies in the digital marketing and marketing automation consulting services industry were doing online and on social media (an insight that helped me in my next task!).

Intersekt: The research Lexi helped us with fueled some major efforts in our business growth. This included building a sales pipeline, organizing our content publishing and internal marketing efforts, building brand awareness, and simplifying internal operational tasks.

Were you given social media tasks because you’re a millennial?

Lexi: Ha, funny. I actually was asked to find articles and blogs online that could be repurposed into social media posts. I researched and found several  well-written and thought-provoking articles related to marketing. I created  captions and images that fit each article, I scheduled and posts using a social media software system. I had the chance to use this software, learning how to schedule and organize the posts. This allowed Intersekt to stay active on social media, while giving me valuable experience in content marketing.

Intersekt: Well, I mean, how could we turn down the opportunity to leverage an intern’s help with social media? But we didn’t waste her smarts on posts about unicorns and cat videos to create some false sense of quirky culture. As it turns out, Lexi was quite adept at understanding complex business problems and looking for ways we could demonstrate our thought leadership capabilities by reposting articles from other demand marketing  industry leaders. Additionally, she helped us establish an editorial calendar to help us better manage our content use across social media and other marketing channels. Making it easier to manage a thoughtful stream of digital content.

Did you learn about any new technologies?  

Lexi: During my first week I imported contacts and deals into a CRM system that I hadn’t used before. This project helped me to learn something completely new, and to see how small businesses keep track of their clients, their pipelines and deals.

Intersekt: This was one of those tasks that could fall into the category of menial and manual data entry. Instead we leveraged the power of the technology to our advantage and to help Lexi learn a new tool. Lexi followed the CRM’s online knowledge bank guidelines to learn how to automatically import contacts, a task that helped us to build out our lead pipeline, while helping to validate our funnel (lead lifecycle) model.

How was your experience overall?

Lexi: Intersekt Solutions gave enabled me to develop experience in a variety of demand marketing  categories.

Without considering the bigger picture, each individual project may seem unimportant. However, when you collectively think about all the projects that I worked on, it’s easy to see the “why” of it all. I had the opportunity to use a CRM system, develop thorough researching skills, and get experience with content marketing using social media. These are skills and experiences I will continue to develop and use for the rest of my career!

Intersekt: Lexi wasn’t just an intern, she was a key member of our team. In a startup, it’s all hands on deck. We were lucky to have her and wish her continued success. Perhaps one day she’ll want to become a full time member of our team!