It starts with people

Technology doesn’t transform your business—the people who use it do. Solutions from Intersekt live where your customers, your business goals and your processes come together. In that space, the right digital marketing strategy and technology solution emerges, accelerating your business by helping to achieve your business goals—faster and smarter.

intersekt solutions customer engagement strategy

Customer Acquisition

Revenue acceleration starts at the root of how and where you acquire customers.  We help ensure our client’s business model accounts for opportunities across the entire lead to sales funnel and across customer segments. We set a foundation and framework in place to help our clients understand and mange customer acquisition costs while increasing top line revenues.

Market Opportunity Analysis | Key Competitor Analysis | Ideal Customer Profiles | Customer Journey Mapping | Lead to Sales Models | Sales Enablement | Financial Performance and Optimization

intersekt solutions engagement strategy approach


We build and activate high performing engagement strategies that follow a performance based methodology mapping directly to our client’s business goals. We do this smarter and faster—leveraging our expertise in engagement marketing, sales performance and technology solutions.

Channel Strategy | Omni-Channel Campaigns | Content Development | Conversion Rate Optimization | Lead Scoring and Routing | Account Based Marketing

intersekt solutions technology strategy approach


We rely on technology platforms to scale and prove that revenue acceleration works. With the right installation and configuration we are able to be scientific and metrics-based.  We use data and analysis to inform our strategy and drive our marketing programs forward faster towards real business results.

Technology Evaluation/Selection | Solution Architecture | Lead to Sales Operational Modeling | Database Hygiene | Lead Scoring Implementation | Subscription Centers | Compliance and Governance | Predictive Analytics and Modeling | Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling

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