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The magic behind the Intersekt team is the combination of hard-to-find skills, years of experience and some of the brightest minds in marketing and sales technology as it relates to business process and business performance. Think you've got a business problem we haven’t seen before? Try us. We bring the art and science of marketing and sales together into a business strategy and execution plan that drives true business results.

Allison Dyer

Chief Executive Officer

Allison has spent her career helping businesses find solutions that move the needle on revenue. She has worked in traditional marketing roles, led teams of marketers, divisions of digital agencies and spent four years at Marketo in enterprise sales, creating business optimization road maps for their clients. She has created results for every size company, in every stage of maturity. Some of the organizations she has worked with include Microsoft, Sprint, Xerox, Aramark, GE and Honeywell. She is an evangelist in this space and strives to unlock the value of investing at the intersection of technology, sales and marketing.

Rachel Prewitt

Director Client Services

Rachel is laser focused on leading efficient processes and teams toward results for clients. Her solutions ensure that every interaction our clients have is aligned to specific organizational goals. She is also the self-appointed Chief Collaboration Officer, making sure our team works seamlessly together with our clients and that our time and energy is spent on what’s most important: client ROI.

Kelly Fitzgerald

VP Business Operations and Principal Consultant

Kelly wears many hats at Intersekt Solutions. Kelly builds, leads and manages the internal business operations and functions in project management, resourcing and growth. As Principal Consultant, Kelly develops and executes strategy for our clients. Always mindful of client resources and budgets Kelly is keenly focused on exceeding client expectations throughout our engagement.

Sara Miller

Marketing Operations Consultant

Sara is truly dedicated to building personalized, relevant content strategies for your customers and prospects. As Marketing Operations Consultant, Sara designs campaign plans and marketing work flows that work across all channels, systems and teams. Sara aims to build a system that makes our clients lives easier through automation and meets their customers where they are.

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