What Exactly does Revenue Acceleration Mean?

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I wrote recently about the good, bad and ugly of starting my business, Intersekt Solutions. We are now almost to the ONE year mark and although we have been navigating through choppy waters, I could not be more excited about our progress. This point of reflection has made me think deeply about progress and the significance of it, acknowledging that without continual and fluid progress our little services start up could fizzle, burnout, die! Ugh, that is a stressful and scary notion to think about.

In the face of that fear, most business owners want to run forward. More leads! More revenue! More growth! But the fastest way to that growth is often to go backwards. To take a step back to learn, understand, explore and flip over as many rocks as possible to reveal the not so obvious facts and figures that allow deeper thinking about a business’s growth and opportunities.

Intersekt Solutions is living proof of this.

When our initial game plan wasn’t delivering results the way we had hoped, we made the decision to call a “time-out” and regroup. We ended up realizing that our original understanding of our business no longer aligned with the reality of the team we had, and with our long-term business vision. Our true talent was something we hadn’t anticipated, and so we needed to pivot. We ended up collaborating on new ways of thinking, and worked together to improve our service offerings and experiences for our clients so that they can find their most optimal pathways to revenue.

At the time, pausing was a hard decision. I had prospects asking for proposals and I had to turn them away (which is always painful as a new business owner). But it was the right thing to do. By looking backwards, we were able to pivot our offerings and grow our business much faster than if we had kept plodding forward in our original direction.

That is the definition of Revenue Acceleration.

Sounds good, right?

Ready to sign up? Of course you are!

But what exactly do we “do” to accelerate your revenue? Great question.

The three parts of Revenue Acceleration

Our program methodology focuses on three key areas: Customer Acquisition, Engagement and Technology. Within those three focus areas, we dive deep into your business model, data management, channels, content, conversion and analytics. We uncover a wealth of information so that we can meet your business exactly where it is and find the fastest route to success. Once we’ve identified the road to revenue acceleration, we establish a 30, 60, and 90-day roadmap to success where progress can be tracked and reported on at the strategic, operational and tactical levels of your business.

Customer Acquisition

In every Intersekt engagement, we start with the customer.

Your customer is our initial compass and we follow them to find out what’s already working and what they want more of. Once we know them in and out, we can fully appreciate how they feel when they experience your brand / product / content / team.

This is where the magic happens. Maybe you’re selling the right thing to the wrong person at the right time. Or the right thing to the right person at the wrong time. Or the wrong thing to the right person…well, you get it


Think about this – you engage with your customers every day. But how? Do you have an engagement strategy that you could explain in a sentence? Probably not.

Our engagement team brings together knowledge in content strategy, demand gen, paid media, social media, and foundational digital marketing to create engagement plans that are designed specifically for your dream customers (since we now know all about them), simple and streamlined, and tied to results.


When it comes to technology, we see business owners rush to the solution…often without fully considering the problem they’re trying to solve. They end up buying an out-of-the-box solution, not having the internal resources to properly implement it and then being frustrated with the abysmal results.

That’s usually when they call us.

The team at Intersekt uses our range of CRM and Marketing Automation experience and expertise to design a solution that is customized to your problem, instead of nodding our heads and setting up something that may not be right for you.

When it comes to Marketing Technology, we know our stuff. And we’ve seen it all. Our initial team of 7 has four Hubspot Certifications, two Marketo Certified Experts and two former Marketo employees.

Why not just focus on leads?

We get it. It’s always tempting to just keep pouring money into the same channels, hoping for better results. And looking backwards can feel intimidating if you don’t know what you’re looking for, or how to fix it when you find it.

That’s why we’ve developed a methodology that can quickly gather the insight we need to make key business decisions moving forward, and get you to actual leads faster. Our clients who are willing to go through this process by far see a higher return on their investments, tried and true results and are able to capitalize on opportunities that perhaps were not so obvious at the start of our engagement.

If we’ve piqued your interest in Revenue Acceleration, let’s talk!